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Three adult women talk once a month about “Harry Potter” and laugh at each other.

A Very Special Episode — The McAvoy Twins and the Hunt for the Bad News Bears

April 20th, 2019

Hello, and welcome back to this Harry Potter Podcast that can't get its life together! We're back after another long absence, and this time we're bringing you something different. Lauren, Dayle and Cherie all sat down at Lauren's house and recorded in the same room for the first time ever. That being the case, we decided to try something new: a HP-themed tabletop RPG! Listen as we stumble through what is essentially fanfic being created in real time! Listen also as both the Game Master and the Players refuse to do character voices! Listen as we bend canon to suit our own needs! We had a great time — this doesn't necessarily generate a good podcast, but we hope you'll come along with us and enjoy our adventure. It's really the least you can do.

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