The Sorting Chat — A Harry Potter Podcast

Three adult women talk once a month about “Harry Potter” and laugh at each other.

Episode 12 — My Patronus Is a Turkey Leg

January 11th, 2018

Bonjour dudes, and welcome back to this podcast where adults talk about Harry Potter and other things with a startling lack of clarity! We are back from our holiday hiatus, and — look, we've done our best here. We took suggestions from a few listeners and from our own brains for discussion topics, threw them into a hat and pulled some out at random. What follows is just shy of 45 minutes of listing things and trying to sing in sync over webchat. Two thirds of us were under the weather and the other one had just gotten off an airplane, so it's just as good as you might expect in those circumstances. So have a listen, and let us Slytherin (ugh) to your ears and your hearts.

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Thanks as always to Zach Stidham, who composed "The Sorting Chat Theme." Find him at or on Instagram