The Sorting Chat — A Harry Potter Podcast

Three adult women talk once a month about “Harry Potter” and laugh at each other.

Episode 15 — #Not All Gryffindors

April 5th, 2018

Hello and welcome again to this podcast, where we do Harry Potter stuff most of the time. Join us as we welcome our first repeat guest, our best friend for as long as we feel like it, Leah! We asked her, a confirmed Hufflepuff, to join the rest of us three — each a Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Slytherin — in talking about our respective houses and their characteristics. We start off with a little talk about some recent Twitter drama concerning the March for Our Lives, continue on with the house convo and eventually end up just talking about ourselves and how much we like each other. It's really riveting internet stuff! Get out of our dreams, listeners, and get into our podcast. Get in the backseat, babies!

[CW: Discussion of gun violence]

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