The Sorting Chat — A Harry Potter Podcast

Three adult women talk once a month about “Harry Potter” and laugh at each other.

Episode 22 — Vape Credit

February 7th, 2019

Hello friends, and welcome back to this podcast that really tries to be about Harry Potter — I promise, folks, we really try. Listen as we start with what we consider to be a very solid premise — JK Rowling and authorial intent — and devolve very swiftly into talking about jeans, pajama jeans, other types of pants and vaping. After our absence, we were getting used to the whole "oh yeah, this is a podcast" thing, and so the episode is much shorter than usual. We'll get the hang of it again soon, I'm sure. Or we won't, I'm not a fortune teller.

[CW: discussion of childbirth injury, 2:40–3:05]

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