The Sorting Chat — A Harry Potter Podcast

Three adult women talk once a month about “Harry Potter” and laugh at each other.

The Third Floor Corridor — Curiosity Door

November 8th, 2017

Hello, and welcome to the inaugural episode of The Sorting Chat's sub-podcast, The Third Floor Corridor, where we very occasionally will veer dangerously off-track and talk about things that are not Harry Potter. In this episode, we're talking about Stranger Things, mainly season 2, in the way that only we can: in long strings of uninterrupted stream-of-consciousness. Listen as we spend at least 20 minutes gushing and complaining, and then spend basically the rest of our time playing a protracted game of "Who'd You Rather?" (Spoiler alert: we're randy for just about everybody on this show.) So grab your Eggos and have a li'l listen. 

Let us know if you liked this off-topic adventure, and let us know what other things you might like to hear about in the future at or If you didn't like it, keep it to yourself, we don't need that drama.

Thanks as always to Zach Stidham, who did a heck of a job translating our regular theme into something spookier and, dare we say it, stranger? He's at or on Instagram