Hello, and welcome to the inaugural episode of The Sorting Chat's sub-podcast, The Third Floor Corridor, where we very occasionally will veer dangerously off-track and talk about things that are not Harry Potter. In this episode, we're talking about Stranger Things, mainly season 2, in the way that only we can: in long strings of uninterrupted stream-of-consciousness. Listen as we spend at least 20 minutes gushing and complaining, and then spend basically the rest of our time playing a protracted game of "Who'd You Rather?" (Spoiler alert: we're randy for just about everybody on this show.) So grab your Eggos and have a li'l listen. 

Let us know if you liked this off-topic adventure, and let us know what other things you might like to hear about in the future at thesortingchat@gmail.com or www.facebook.com/thesortingchat. If you didn't like it, keep it to yourself, we don't need that drama.

Thanks as always to Zach Stidham, who did a heck of a job translating our regular theme into something spookier and, dare we say it, stranger? He's at zachstidham.bandcamp.com or on Instagram @zach.stidham.music

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